During the Expressionist movement pouring paint onto canvas became the preferred method of painting by a few artists.  Two of them, Helen Frankenthaler and Jackson Pollock became well known for their work in color and how it manifests as the artist's expression on it's own without the aid of form. The name of this method is “Color Field” painting.  Lynn is a contemporary Color Field painter.  She has a background in figurative study and plein air painting and has chosen this way of painting as an expressive approach to working with color.  Her preferred medium of paint is acrylic which lends itself to transparent layers.  Her paintings usually develop using multiple layers of transparent paint and she often incorporates a little Interference paint that gives the overall painting subtle light and color changes. She does not use brushes. 

“Blending colors together is similar to playing musical notes together in chords and rhythms. The visual color experience is in vibrations which we recognize intuitively as we do with musical melody.”

“It is gratifying to create a process of painting, the physical involvement of the paint itself and the visual experience of the color, along with the visual language or how the colors speak to each other.  I mix my own colors and paint the imaginal expression of my moods and energies.  Please feel free to contact me for further information.”